Top Tag Pet ID

64MB USB Mini Drive & Waterproof Case. Size: 1″ x 7/16″ x 1 7/8″

Top Tag Pet ID protects your pet more than any other pet tag by providing complete care information to friends, vets, kennels, pet sitters and rescuers who may be responsible for your pet’s welfare and special needs.

With Top Tag you can easily write, organize, store and retrieve ALL of your pet’s important care information.

And it only takes seconds to access Top Tag information on millions of Windows® desktop or laptop computers.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy to edit or update information.
  • All information saved instantly.
  • Photo Album with photo titles.
  • Print out individual information pages or the entire Fact Sheet.
  • Fill out as much or as little as you like.
  • Contact Info page ensures fast return and proper care of your pet.
  • Backup and restore capability.