Here are some comments from our customers who told us about their experience with Top Tag and our customer service.

“Just quick email to tell you these are the best products I have ever bought for my dogs. They are both microchipped and these, in my opinon are better. We go camping a lot during the summer and the nice thing is we can change info in the Top Tags to include the campground name and camp site. They are very durable also, both of my dogs can be rough on things and these have stood up just fine. They have gone swimming with these on and after they dried out they worked without a problem. The last time they went for a checkup at the vet, she asked what they were and was very impressed with them. I gave her the website and she said she would start recomending them for other dogs. Well worth the money and every dog owner should have these…

Thanks for a great product and helping keep my dogs safe…”
Shawn D. • Leominster, MA

“The product is a neat idea and the customer service we received was above excellent. I cant say enough good things about the experience I had. Thank you!”
Stephanie M. • Bowling Green, KY

“After Hurricane Katrina I have fine tuned my emergency evacuation plan for myself and my cats. Their safety and care is my top priority. That’s why I have them wearing their Top Tag Pet ID on their collars at all times even though they are inside cats.”
Sue L. • Tucson, AZ

“I had often thought, ‘What will happen if someone finds my dogs? Will they take care of them? What will they feed them? How will they know what they like?’ I don’t need to worry about that issue any longer. With Top Tag I know that whoever finds them will know all about Ellie and Sadie. All their information is listed in the tag, so I don’t need to worry. Being able to list their veterinarian, prescriptions, special foods, etc. allows me to feel they can have the same care with someone else as they have with me if they are not returned to me. It’s a great product and a great idea!”
Lori S. • Tucson, AZ

“Thanks to Top Tag Pet ID, I can rest easy knowing that all my pet information is hanging on my dog’s collar no matter where he goes. It’s also a great way to keep track of my pet’s medical history and allergy information as well. Also when I travel it puts my mind at ease knowing that whoever is taking care of him will be able to answer any questions that they may have about my dog. All the information is included in your product which they can upload to their own pc in little time. I’ve already bought one of these as a gift for my brother’s dog up in Seattle – they love it. ”
Hassan K. • Tucson, AZ

“We feel a lot better about leaving our dog with a pet sitter now. We don’t have to worry if she’s getting the right care. I’ll recommended Top Tag to all of my friends with pets.”
Karen W. • Santa Clara, CA