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Top Tag Pet ID FAQs

1. How do I edit my dog’s Top Tag Pet ID Fact Sheet?
Editing the Fact Sheet is very simple. All standard Windows® text editing features work in the Top Tag program.

2. How do I save my work on the Top Tag Flash Drive?
Your information is automatically saved when you change from one category to another or you exit the program completely.

3. Can I save my Top Tag Pet ID Fact Sheet to my hard drive?
No. The Top Tag Pet ID program is designed to save to our mini Flash Drive only. When you have completed the Fact Sheet, we suggest you select the Print All button on the Left Navigation Bar and print a hard copy for your records.

4. What happens if my Top Tag Flash Drive gets wet?
In most cases USB flash drives are not affected by water. There are many cases of flash drives going through the wash and when dried, no information was lost. However, salt water will corrode the chip in a matter of minutes

If your Flash Drive does get wet in the rain or in a water bowl, dry it off and gently tap and coax water out of the Flash Drive. Then let it sit over night to air dry. When you know it is dry, insert it in a USB port and view the program. If you get an error message, remove the drive immediately because it is not yet thoroughly dry.

Do not dry the Flash Drive in a microwave or conventional oven or use a hair dryer. The interior parts will melt.

5. How often should I update my dog’s Top Tag Pet ID Fact Sheet?
Every time there is a major change in your dog’s life such as you move, your dog is put on a new diet, or there is an emergence of an allergy, update the Fact Sheet. Otherwise, review the information on the Fact Sheet every 12 months.

6. Do you offer volume discounts to pet clubs and organizations?
Yes. Please call us for more information.

7. How can I get a new waterproof case?
If you registered your Top Tag Pet ID on our website, we will send you a new waterproof case for FREE. Call us and we’ll send you one.

If you have not registered your Top Tag Pet ID, you can do so now and will send you a new waterproof case for FREE.

8. Water droplets and condensation sometimes appear inside the waterproof case. Is this normal?

Yes. Condensation is quite common in colder more humid climates. When it is cool outdoors, entering a warm space will cause condensation to form.

We suggest you open the waterproof case and wipe off the Flash Drive and the case interior. Place them near a heat source such as a heater vent and let them thoroughly dry.

Condensation will still form on the outside but not on the inside if you remove all the moisture from the Flash Drive and the interior of the waterproof case.

SPECIAL NOTE: Do not insert the Flash Drive in a USB port if it appears or you suspect it may be wet or moist. (See FAQ Number 4 above.)