Most problems with the Top Tag Pet ID can be easily solved by finding your problem on this page. If you don’t see an answer that applies to your situation, please call or email us and we’ll do our best to resolve your issue.

The list below contains troubleshooting issues and solutions for your Top Tag Pet ID flash drive and the Top Tag Pet ID program

1. I can’t find a USB port?
USB ports on desktop computers are found in the front or in the back. Laptops have USB ports on the side or in the back. If no USB port is free, temporarily unplug an idle USB device and use that port.

2. My Top Tag flash drive doesn’t fit in the USB Port.
There is only one way to plug a flash drives into a USB port. If the flash drive doesn’t slide in easily, turn it over and try again.

3. Nothing happens when I insert the Top Tag flash drive in a USB port.
All computers and USB ports are different. After inserting the flash drive in the USB port, gently move the flash drive up and down, side to side or in and out to make a connection. The LED light in the end of the flash drive will blink when it is working.

NOTE: Try every USB port on the computer if one port does not work.

4. Still nothing happens.
There are two steps to take to determine what the problem may be.

  • Try another computer USB port or call us.
  • If Top Tag works in another computer, the problem may be a bad driver.

Operating System Specific Help

Windows XP Operating System

I have Windows XP and the Auto Play Window did not open after the little green arrow appeared in the tool tray.

Most computers with an XP operating system will open the Auto Play Window displaying the Top Tag icon. However, if changes have been made to the Auto Play default on your computer, the Auto Play Window may not appear after inserting the Top Tag flash drive. To open Top Tag, click on My Computer, click on the Top Tag drive and then click on Start Top Tag.

Windows ME & Windows 2000 Operating Systems

How do I open Top Tag after the little green arrow appears in the tool tray?

The standard way to open any USB flash drive on a computer with an ME or 2000 operating system is:

1. Click on My Computer

2. Click on the drive with the Top Tag logo

3. Click on the file that reads: Start Top Tag or Start Top Tag.Exe

Please call us if you have any other questions.