These screen shots demonstrate how the Top Tag Pet ID program is organized and how easy it is to navigate. Finding information about your pet is as simple as clicking on a section button. Scroll down to view a few sample pages in the Top Tag program.


Contact Page
The contact page automatically loads when the Top Tag is inserted after you have filled in your information. This means if your pet is ever lost, the first screen that loads will be your contact information.

Food – Main Diet


Top Tag Pet ID’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to enter or edit information. All information you enter is automatically saved.

Photo Album Page


The Top Tag Photo Album is super-easy to use. Just click on the upload photo button and grab any photo from your digital camera or computer.

Print Pages


All sections of the Top Tag program can be printed with all of your pet’s information neatly organized. Plus, print photos from the photo album section

Your Pet’s complete care information is organized in 7 main categories:

  1. Basic Information: All of your important contact information and your pet’s vital statistics such as weight, sex, age and breed.
  2. Food & Diet: Everything you feed your pet including home cooked foods, special snacks, liquids other than water, feeding times and feeding rituals.
  3. Behavior/Personality: This is where you describe all of your pet’s likes and dislikes plus daily routines and unique personality traits.
  4. Words and Commands: In this section you describe how you communicate with your pet using words and hand signals.
  5. Nature’s Call: Here is where you record whether you walk your pet daily, have a litter box, pet door, or simply let your pet out. In addition, you can note special places to walk and clean up procedures.
  6. Medical Information: Every aspect of your pet’s health care is covered in this section including information on your pet’s veterinarian, allergies, illnesses, medications and treatments.
  7. In Memoriam: All of your special wishes for your pet’s final care and resting place are noted and described in this section.